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All warranties are for 90 days from the time of inspection unless otherwise noted.

90 Day Home Warranty

All home inspections come with a 90 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

Covers the home for items that were tested and in working condition at the time of inspection and fail within the first 90 days after the inspection OR 22 days after closing, whichever comes later

$0 Deductible to the client

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Certainty Home Inspections is in the top 1% of the U.S. for inspection company size and success. This allows us to offer more in our warranties than other local inspectors. Our 90 Day Home Warranty is part of the PLUS package, allowing us to cover additional items that the regular 90 day warranty does not, including: Refrigerators, Boilers, Garage Door Openers and Sump Pumps. Please note that, while our policy states that washers, dryers, pool/spa equipment, and irrigation system lines are covered, this is only if those items are inspected. Certainty does not inspect these items as they are not covered under our state standards of practice.

Platinum Roof Protection Plan

Covers the roof, for leaks, for period of 5 years from the date of inspection

Covers only the roof that was inspected and excludes any defect or consequential leak that was pre-existing in the inspection report

$3,000 aggregate coverage for the 5 year coverage period

$500 deductible to the client

Sewer Guard

Covers underground Water Lines and Sewer/Septic Lines to the street/tank, and Gas Lines for failures to the line

Up to $4,000 coverage ($2,000 coverage per line)

$300 Deductible to the client

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Termite Protection Plan

Covers Termites and Carpenter Ants after a Free and Clear report

Only used when there is a Clear and Free report of any WDO’s on the property

Small deductible of only $250 per occurance

Mold Safe

Covers any New Visible Mold in the home that was not there at the inspection without doing a mold inspection

Up to $2,000 coverage for remediation of the new mold

$300 Deductible to the client

Radon Protection Plan

Covers the home buyer when there is a radon test done and the test comes back at an acceptable level of 3.9 pCi/L (or 200 Bq/m3) or below

If a 2nd test is performed after the original test within 120 days, and the new test is at an unacceptable level (in pCi/L or Bq/m3) then the warranty will pay up to $1200 for a mitigation system to be installed to the home after a $250 deductible is met

Appliance RecallChek

A lifetime fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances

Buyers get a monthly email that checks for future recalls that come up after the inspection and are able to add/update appliances for FREE at anytime on their account

Recalled appliances are repaired or replaced for free

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Concierge Service

One call and we will set up all of the new utilities for your new home. Special discounts on home security systems, Direct TV (applicable in the U.S. only), cable, internet and phone

It is 100% optional on the buyers part. We will send an email about the program and a link to “Opt-Out” if they do not want to be contacted

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Home Owners Resource

Home Owners Resource is a membership based service that provides homeowners with easy access to the information they need to properly maintain and manage their property.


120 Day Home Warranty

All pre-listing home inspections come with a 120 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

Covers the home for items that were tested and in working condition at the time of inspection and fail within the first 120 days after the inspection OR 22 days after closing, whichever comes later

Transferred from seller to buyer at closing

All supplementary warranties (listed in section 1) accompany the 120 day warranty with their relative conditions.

3. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (Buyers or Sellers)


Our 12 Month Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty

The broadest coverage available in the market

Covers nearly every mechanical component in the home with fewer exclusions than other policies.

The Simple Warranty by Residential Warranty Services represents the broadest coverage available in the market today with coverage for every potential failure covered by competing products and then some. In fact, if you are ever denied coverage for a claim that can be verified eligible by any other contract we
will either cover it or give you 100% of your premiums back. It’s that simple.

The Simple Warranty goes beyond the coverage offered by other providers and is offered at a competitive rate. Their goal is your complete and total satisfaction and to create a customer for life. They’re your partner in home ownership, and take their responsibility of protecting your home (and your pocketbook) seriously.

Pricing is based on square footage.

Termite and SewarGard warranties are extended to 1 year.

Roof protection is for 5 years. All other warranties are 90 days or 120 days accordingly.

Order your 12 Month Warranty here.

6 BONUS MONTHS FREE When Certainty Performs Your Inspection!

Extend your 12 month Simple warranty and to 18 months for FREE when Certainty performs your inspection!

Roof protection is for 5 years. Termite and SewerGard are extended to 18 months. Mold remains at 90 days. Radon remains at 120 days. There is a Premium option available for $200 to extend the Mold and Radon to 18 months.

Pre-existing conditions are covered for the buyer.

No age limit on appliances

Details here.

Order your 12 Month Warranty here. Your 6 months will automatically be applied when you complete your inspection

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